Rose Syrup | How to make Rose Syrup at Home

Rose Syrup Recipe

Rose Syrup Recipe

Rose has a deliciously fragrant and colorful rose syrup that captures the spirit of summer and can be used in many ways. Rose has numerous medicinal benefits and has been used as an analgesic, bronchodilator, anti-convulsive, anti-microbial and as an anti-inflammatory. It's also been used as cough syrup, to treat reflux, as a laxative, and to reduce blood sugar. Rose syrup can be used diluted with soda water as a drink, or ice cream topping, or as a drink flavoring.
Find here an easy and versatile Rose Syrup recipe.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time35 mins
Total Time50 mins
Servings: 3 cup
Author: Punam Paul


for rose syrup

  • 1 cup rose petals (गुलाब की पंखुड़ियां) of red rose
  • 3 cup water (पानी)
  • 4 cup sugar (चीनी)


How to Make Rose Syrup

  • Wash and clean the rose petals in running water.
  • In a wide pan put the tightly packed 1 cup rose petals and cover with 3 cup water. Leave this overnight or at least for 6-8 hours.
  • In the next morning add sugar to the rose petal and water mixture and stir over low heat, till sugar gets dissolved.
  • When dissolved, increase the heat and let it come to a boil and cook till thickened to one thread consistency.
  • To check whether the syrup has reached 1 string consistency place a drop of syrup between your thumb and index finger and then move the fingers away from each other, you will see a formation of thick 1 strings. This means the syrup is done. Remove pan from heat and keep it aside.
  • Take another pan or a bowl and place a large strainer with clean muslin or cheese cloth on the strainer. You can directly line the pan with the cloth but strainer is recommended so that rose syrup doesn’t fall in the pan during straining.
  • Pour rose syrup with rose petals in the bowl with a thin cheese cloth lined over strainer and collect the syrup into the bottom.
  • Once the maximum syrup has strained out, carefully gather the edges of the muslin cloth and strain the balance rose syrup gently squeezing the cloth.
  • Cool the syrup at room temperature and store in a air tight glass bottle and refrigerate for later use.


  • You can use this syrup to make rose drinks, shakes, falooda, Kulfi, ice-cream etc.


Rose syrup may crystallize when stored in refrigerator. When using rose syrup you can add some water to the crystallized rose syrup to dissolve it into uniform concentrate.
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Punam Paul

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