Spring Rolls | Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe

Spring Roll

Spring Roll is a Chinese dish. People love to eat it as snacks. In any party, it is served as a starter. The top layer of Spring Roll is very crispy, whereas inside is filled with soft and juicy stuffing. Typically spring roll is a vegetarian dish but you can make it more delicious with the help of minced chicken, sausage, egg bhurji, minced mutton, paneer bhurji, noodles, even a shrimp filling too.

Parwal Ki Sabji – Parwal Masala Recipe

Parwal Ki Sabji

Pointed gourd or Parwal in Hindi can be cooked in many ways. Here I am presenting Parwal Ki Sabji – Parwal Masala recipe. It is a quick and easy pointed gourd recipe. You can prepare this delicious recipe every day. You can serve this spicy pointed gourd cooked in a thick gravy of onion and … Read more

All Indian Vegetables Name in Hindi | सब्ज़ियों के नाम हिंदी में

Vegetables Name in Hindi

Here is a complete list of the vegetable name in Hindi and English. This list of vegetable names with pictures of vegetables will also help your kids to learn a complete list of the vegetable name in Hindi and English. Leafy and Salad Vegetable Name in Hindi (साग और सलाद के पत्ते) Amaranth Greens vegetable … Read more

How To Make Red Chili Flakes At Home

Chili flakes

Prepare red chili fakes at home with this easy recipe. Homemade spices are much more aromatic and flavourful than the spices that are brought from stores. These homemade spice mix and masala are even much economical too. Store bought spice powder lose their aroma and flavor. Since they are stored for a long time in powdered condition.