Fish Cutlet recipe step by step (Bengali Macher Chop)

Fish Cutlet Recipe

Whenever I prepare these crisp on the outside, spicy and juicy inside, fish cutlets they instantly vanish from the plates. My family and friends love these yummy cutlets. As soon as I get fishes that have a single bone I prepare fish cutlets at my home. For preparing these cutlets single bone fishes are the … Read more

Sambar Recipe for Idli, Dosa, Vada and Rice

Sambhar Recipe

Sambar is a South Indian soup prepared from Lentil and vegetables. We prepare it with a special spice blend – Sambar Masala. Lentil itself is rich in protein and the addition of vegetables to it makes it full of vitamins and minerals. Thus, it fulfills all the nutritions that we need. When we serve Sambar … Read more