Bhindi Ka Salan ( Recipe )

bhindi ka salan

Bhindi Ka Salan

Bhindi Ka salan is cooked sort of a stew in sweet and sour gravy. Its a tasty hyderabadi style okra curry for rice. Bhindi Ka salan is a easy and delicious bhindi recipe. If you wish a change in your regular style then consider this very good recipe.

CourseMain Course
CuisineNorth Indian
Keywordbhindi recipe


  • 500GramLadyfinger ( भिन्डी )
  • 3PcsOnion ( प्याज )medium sized (sliced)
  • 1PcsTomato ( टमाटर )- pureed
  • 2-3PcsRed Chilies ( लाल मिर्च )- broken in half
  • 1/4tea spoonBlack Pepper ( काली मिर्च )
  • 1tea spoonGinger-Garlic Paste ( अदरक-लहसुन का पेस्ट )
  • 1/4tea spoonMustard Seeds ( सरसों )
  • 1tea spoonTamarind ( इमली का गुद्दा )
  • 1tea spoonRed Chili Powder ( लाल मिर्च पाउडर )
  • tea spoonSalt to taste ( नमक स्वाद अनुसार )
  • Oil ( तेल )


  1. Wash and dry the bhindi. Cut in two halves and stir fry in little oil. Keep them aside.

  2. Heat oil in a pan with a thick bottom.Add sliced onions and ginger garlic paste. Fry till golden brown.

  3. Add the pureed tomato and mix well.Cook it till the masala is brown. Remove it and let it cool. Then grind it by adding little water to make a paste and keep aside.

  4. Now heat oil in a wok or kadai and add mustard seeds and peppercorns. Let them splutter. Then add dry red chilies. Now add the onion tomato paste and tamarind pulp and mix well.

Punam Paul

Punam Paul

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