All Indian Vegetables Name in Hindi | सब्ज़ियों के नाम हिंदी में

Vegetables Name in Hindi

Here is a complete list of the vegetable name in Hindi and English. This list of vegetable names with pictures of vegetables will also help your kids to learn a complete list of the vegetable name in Hindi and English. Leafy and Salad Vegetable Name in Hindi (साग और सलाद के पत्ते) Amaranth Greens vegetable … Read more

Paneer Pulao | Paneer Pulao Recipe

paneer pulao

This recipe of Paneer Pulao is a quick and perfect recipe for lunch and dinner. Fragrant hot cottage cheese peeking through green peas, carrots, and rice not only looks good. But it automatically makes your mouth water. I prepare Paneer Pulao frequently at home because it is simple to prepare and delicious. Also, it is … Read more

Chana Masala | Punjabi Chole | Chickpeas Curry

Punjabi Chole

Chana Masala is a popular Indian dish that consists of white chickpeas in a spicy delightful gravy. In North India, people also call it chole masala or simply chole. Chickpeas are referred to by the terms “Chana” and “Chole.” In Hindi, the term “Masala” refers to a spice mixture. In chana masala, the word ‘masala’ … Read more

Paneer Tikka Masala – Most demanded Paneer Recipe

paneer tikka masala

Paneer Tikka Masala is a popular Punjabi dish from North India. Paneer Tikka Masala is a spicy and delicious dish which is preferred by most of the families. Paneer Tikka Masala has a special taste compared to other paneer dishes which makes it very unique and flavourful. Your family and friends will just fall in love with marinated paneer cooked with tomato, onion, and capsicum.